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8/3/13 08:25 am - Victorian Lemon Cake Recipe

crossposted from my facebook

Rumford Complete Cook Book
Lily Haxworth Wallace
1933 printing

Page 134

Lemon Cake

2 scant cups sugar
1/2 cup butter
3 eggs
1 and 1/4 cups milk
3 level teaspoons Rumford Baking Powder
Grated rind of 1 lemon
1/2 level teaspoon salt
3 cups flour

Beat the butter with half the sugar; add gradually the remainder of the sugar together with the well beaten eggs. Next put in the grated lemon, then the milk, and lastly the flour sifted with the salt and baking powder. Bake about 40 minutes in a moderate oven, and cover with lemon frosting.

My changes and notes:
If you can, consult the original. There are more notes about what kind of pan to use, how to sift flour, how to beat and incorporate the eggs, how to check for doneness etc, in the introduction to the chapter on cakes.
I used half white sugar and half brown, because we were short on white sugar, and I like brown sugar.
I set the oven to 350 degrees, which seemed moderate for baked goods, in a bundt pan instead of 2 loaf pans, and it came out in just about 40 minutes.

It was toasty and brown on the top and soft and lemony inside, a little less so than the poppyseed lemon cake that get sold around here in coffee shops. It does not need the frosting.

5/15/13 12:57 pm - She-Hulk!

Cross posted from my facebook:
I got myself a subscription to Marvel Unlimited, so I have been reading some comics. Oh boy have I been reading some comics (Matt Fraction, I love you!)
After reading the Invincible Iron Man series, I have switched to the She-Hulk series (2004, Dan Slott) which is a real delight. It kicks off with She-Hulk getting in trouble with /Tony Stark/ for partying too much....
So- is this meant to imply that her partying was really epic, or that Tony Stark is a judgy, jealous, sexist hypocrite.

(Also... we need a She-Hulk TV legal procedural, like NOW)
TV show idea is not mine...

10/11/12 11:28 pm - Surviving debates

A frivolous idea for surviving debate watching.

This year in particular what little I have seen of the debates have frustrated and angered me... so I have been avoiding them. Not everyone has that luxury, so sometimes frivolous games are a way to mitigate the stress.

I have seen drinking games and exercise games, but I had an idea that needs a little more fleshing out for debate watching parties.

The Sundae Game.

Get a big bowl and put a few kinds of ice cream in it. Get a bunch of smaller bowls with toppings. Whenever YOUR guy says something awesome, put some topping on the sundae. When the other guy says something awful, eat some of the sundae. This game should work well whether everyone is on the same "side" of the debate... but it does involve all eating out of the same bowl, which given how many people are ill, might not work so well. Maybe it could work better with snack mix? Pretzels and nuts and all...
Forward and tweak if you think this idea has merit... (BTW.. this is out of my fevered brain... not a forward from elsewhere)
cross posted from my facebook

8/30/12 11:58 am - Crosspost from facebook....

Cool stuff at Harvard libraries- creepy Crime and Punishment broadsides from the 18th and 19th centuries. I am sure there's at least one morbid person on my list that will want to check these out!

7/20/12 12:50 pm - Braille dice

I am sending this as far and wide as I can- it's a project to make polyhedral gaming dice with tactile braille on them!

7/3/12 04:18 am - Summer Fireworks

Summer Fireworks-31 by selkie30
Summer Fireworks-31, a photo by selkie30 on Flickr.

Summer Fireworks in Braintree this last weekend! I may have a wee obsession with trying to take pictures in the dark, but I am pretty pleased with these. I didn't even use a tripod....

6/25/12 01:32 am - Outfit of the Mermaid Parade

Me! In my happy mer-squid outfit. by selkie30
Me! In my happy mer-squid outfit., a photo by selkie30 on Flickr.

4/28/12 07:50 pm - Makeup: followup

So, last September I embarked on a quest: to gain basic skill and knowledge regarding cosmetics and making my face up for work. Well, I have to tools, I just need to practice wielding them.

After a false start (or two) I finally chose this class, taught is a lovely salon on Newbury street.
The two-hour lesson includes skin cleansing, analysis and makeup prepping, a complete makeup application with step by step instruction chart that shows you how to achieve your best look whatever your budget is. Katrina uses only the finest products from the leading cosmetic lines such as Cle du Peau, Chanel, Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever etc. Learn how to choose and use the right makeup brushes for eyes, cheeks and contouring.
Nota Bene: Make sure to take some notes, there was a lot of scrambling at the end of the lesson to write down all the products that they used. In the lesson, Katrina (or her assistant) applied the makeup to one side of my face, and then talked me through applying the makeup to the other side of my face. This was very useful, as they were also able to show me how to fix thing when I inevitably messed up, especially with the eye makeup.

So, I know have a regimen, as as soon as the back ordered foundation comes in, I can try to replicate it, Then I'll figure out how to simplify it to something I can do before work.

Regime to follow.

4/1/12 05:22 pm - Repost (not reposte) from facebook

Premiere dinner for Game of Thrones premiere now in process-

Theme: Below the salt at Winterfell.

Chicken and ale stew, spinach pie (Genovese Pie), miller's bread and Wintercake (ginger, cherries and pine nuts) for dessert.

Chykonys in Bruette
Genovese Pie
(was on Inn at the Crossroads, will be in upcoming cookbook- good thing I printed it out!)

3/13/12 03:49 pm - Pedagogy and thinky thoughts

So I do a lot of thinking and talking about pedagogy at work, and today I wound up discussing classroom architecture and how it pertains to using technology for access, and would up discussing Professor Mazur and the possibility of the changing role of the lecture. I am becoming more and more enamoured of the idea of the end of the in-class lecture- of the lecture being a recorded thing students watch before class (captioned, with notes for what was on the board, of course) and the class session engaged in discussion and actual work, like section, but with your professor, instead of a TA.

What do you think of having the lecture (the passive kind where the prof talks and you listen.. and take notes) be something you watch to prepare for class, and use the whole class session for active work, questions and discussions? I'd be interested to hear from teachers, too...

Mazur on teaching and lecturing (is an hour and 20 minutes, but worth the time:

from the lecture....Lecturing is a system in which a professors notes are transferred into student's notebooks, without entering the brains of either.
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